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  • Are you offering flexible payment options to your clients?
  • Are these payment options in one easy to find location?

Research suggests firms offering several flexible and easy to find payment options get paid significantly faster than firms who offer fewer payment options.

Payment methods

Why offer different payment options?
A client who was once a fast payer may have had a change in their circumstances, such as a large expense, project, unexpected business issue, etc. Additional working capital may be required to fund a larger than business as usual expense. These burdens mean your business should allow flexibility to help your clients pay easily and on time.

Offering lump sum and monthly payment options offers your clients the best chance to select an option which suits their immediate requirements. Our monthly payment (fee funding) options provide 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18-month payment options with an online acceptance option.

Along with providing a fee funding option for clients, spelling out other payment options is sure to help your clients pay faster. Have you thought about the different ways your clients can pay you?

If you only offer one or two payment options, consider other methods.  Can your clients pay by credit card, bank deposit, direct credit and third-party methods such as Poli and Bpay? Ensuring your payment options are in order sends a clear message to clients that you are serious about getting paid.

smartAR is serious about helping your business get paid, faster. So, we developed a flexible online payment page so firms can offer payment options in one place.

What are the benefits of hosting a smartAR Online Payment Page?

  • You can choose to offer clients several payment methods all in one place
  • The page allows you to offer your clients flexible payment terms – lump sum, monthly, direct payment, credit card, PayPal – you choose which methods to include
  • A seamless online experience enables your clients to pay in a way that suits their circumstances
  • We ask for essential information only from your clients – no tedious forms or paperwork to complete
  • Rest assured the page is fully secure and private
  • Your payment page can be branded to fit your business style
  • Links to your page can be simply integrated into your invoices, statements and emails
  • Online reporting makes it easy for you to reconcile payments.

Interested in finding out how smartAR Fee Funding and Online Payment Page can help your business get paid faster?

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