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smartAR provides professional fee funding and cash flow solutions for businesses. We started in 2006 and we now help more than 14,000 Australasian businesses increase cash flow and reduce debtors.

We understand professional services businesses such as accountants & lawyers. Our cash flow solutions are designed to help them get paid faster and manage their cash flow more effectively.

We also work with recruitment and training providers, electricians & builders along with thousands of their clients. Their business cash flow benefits from using our products and services in many ways.

Getting paid faster, spreading the cost of professional fees, out sourcing their ledger management function, offering clients several ways to pay using an online payment page ensures we help businesses thrive.

Increase your business cash flow

If you are looking to improve cash flow in your business, we can help. Whether it’s offering your clients a by instalment option, outsourcing your accounts receivable function in your business or wanting some advice about how to go about increasing business cash flow.

smartAR Fee Funding allows our clients to get paid in full and upfront. Their clients in turn, enjoy the privilege and convenience of paying us back over flexible payment terms. The facility is free for your firm to implement. Plus, the small cost to your clients is a tax-deductible expense. Most clients find that the cash flow convenience far outweighs the cost.

For businesses looking for more hands-on help with their debtor management, smartAR Outsourced Ledger Management is ideal. We have a team of locally-based specialised account managers who look after chasing payment on behalf of clients.

We also support clients with our online payment pages. This modern payment solution allows businesses to offer their clients several ways to pay on a bespoke online payment page.

Pay your fees over several months

If you are interested in paying your professional service fees for your business by instalment, we can help you spread the cost over several months.

Previously smartAR Fee Funding was known as feeLink in Australia, and feeSmart in New Zealand until we rebranded our business in 2019 to smartAR.

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Meet the leadership team

Dave Birch - Managing Director smartAR Group

Dave Birch

Group Managing Director

Nicolla O’Brien

Group Financial Controller

Cherie O’Toole

Managing Director (Australia)

Claire Lysaght

Marketing Manager, MCIM

Selina Rous

Operations Manager