Cash Calculator

This calculator will show you the benefits of collecting unpaid invoices (i.e debtors) a bit faster.

If you do this, the cash would be available for you to tap into for business growth priorities or even lifestyle purposes.

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On average it is taking you


to turn a sale invoice into cash received in your bank.

Your current cash flow results in your clients using your cash for


beyond your credit terms.

This is the period over and above your credit terms that you are acting like a bank for your clients. Many clients will actually be taking much longer to pay you. Some... may never pay you!

Every day you act like a bank for you clients reduces your business cash flow by exactly

Per Day

Imagine If:

Your credit terms are currently
14 days if we could help you improve the speed of invoice payments from 91.25 days to    You might want to try reducing your debtor days to something closer to your existing terms of trade.

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WOW... This would result in
more cash in your bank.

To improve your cash flow please contact your professional financial advisor or smartAR