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smartAR Fee Funding

Even the most successful and profitable businesses experience unpredictable cash flow from time to time. With smartAR Fee Funding, your business will get paid up front, while your business clients enjoy the option of spreading the payment of their professional service fees over a number of instalments. This softens the impact on their cash flow – without compromising yours.

How smartAR Fee Funding benefits you and your business clients

Business clients often prefer the convenience of paying a regular small fee, rather than a large lump sum. smartAR Fee Funding offers your business customers this payment option, at zero cost to your business. smartAR Fee Funding is not factoring or invoice financing, your business is paid 100% of the amount you invoice your client.

smartAR Fee Funding allows service providers to have more predictable cash flow. You get paid in full and up front – while affording your clients the benefit of paying your invoice/s over convenient payment terms instead of one lump sum. This is a solution that has cash flow benefits for both parties.

Our unique fee funding facility is available to professional service providers at no cost and may be customised to suit the requirements of you and your business clients.

Reduce the time and hassle associated with slow payers. Optimise your business cash flow with smartAR Fee Funding.

Fee Funding Diagram

Flexible -

Fund invoices from $500-$100,000 with flexible payment options and terms from 3-18 months.

Affordable -

Low cost option for business clients and interest free options are available.

Easy -

Simple online application process with no financials required (paperless).

Fast -

Automatic approval within minutes and no credit checks.

Discover how smartAR Fee Funding has supported Australian and New Zealand businesses to improve their cash flow

Case Study: McCulloch & Partners

McCulloch & Partners have been offering smartAR Fee Funding since 2008. In this case study, explore the particular cash flow issue that the firm was facing, the solution presented, and the results achieved.

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Case Study: Advisory Accounting

Advisory Accounting has been working with smartAR since 2015, offering our Fee Funding service to their clients to improve cash flow for all partners. In this case study, discover how the flexibility that Fee Funding offers supported the business to achieve its cash flow goals.

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Is fee funding only for overdue clients?

Businesses should offer funding options to all business clients.  Let your clients choose which payment option suits them best.

Are there any restrictions on who may register to offer smartAR Fee Funding?

So long as you are providing business or commercial services we should be able to help.  If we can’t provide fee funding it is likely one of our other cash flow services will be able to assist you.

What happens if a client/borrower does not pay?

This is rare, when it does happen we provide a personal and highly efficient follow up service to get the loan back on track.  In all cases your firm is kept informed and we will discuss options for collection or reversion of principal individually.

Is there more chance a client will default if they do not pay upfront

Actually, it is the opposite.  Clients are much more capable of paying a regular small fee than a large lump sum.  Some business clients are even scared off from buying when they see a lump sum charge.

How much does fee funding cost

Nothing to your business. Your customer will pay the credit fees which are likely to be tax deductible.

Have other questions about smartAR Fee Funding?

If you have any inquiries regarding smartAR Fee Funding simply give us a call or send us an email, our friendly team is always ready to help.