smartAR Fee Funding

smartAR Fee Funding is a modern solution to help a business, particularly a professional service firm, to be paid more quickly for any one-off bills between $500 to $150,000.

Download our Fact Sheet: ‘Nine reasons why more Professional Service Firms use smartAR Fee Funding than any other provider’

    smartAR – Australasia’s leading Fee Funder

    Since 2006 smartAR has grown to be the largest Fee Funder operating in Australia and New Zealand with more than 1,400 businesses registered to offer our Fee Funding solutions.

    By offering smartAR Fee Funding your clients can spread any larger bills over multiple months (3, 6, 9, 12 or 18). Your business is paid 100% of the amount you invoiced, upfront and in full.

    When you provide your clients a monthly option you will reduce the time and hassle associated with slow payers; while also increasing your business cash flow.

    An increase in cash flow for your business means more money available for your growth.

    Don’t be confused, smartAR Fee Funding is…

    • Not a replacement for other payment options. Businesses that use smartAR Fee Funding are adding an extra payment option.
    • Not factoring or invoice financing. Your business is paid 100% of the amount you invoice your client.
    • Not going to cost your business anything.

    How Fee Funding works

    By registering with smartAR Fee Funding your business can offer your business clients a way to pay their one-off bills in monthly instalments, rather than as a single lump sum. These are the benefits to your clients:


    Fund amounts over $500 with flexible payment term of 3 to 18 months.

    Business Results

    Low Cost

    Credit fees and a tax deductible business expense.

    Online Resources


    Fast, seamless online applications.

    Business Planning


    No credit checks or financials required.


    Is fee funding only for overdue clients?

    Businesses should offer funding options to all clients.  Let your clients choose which payment option suits them best.

    Are there any restrictions on who may register to offer smartAR Fee Funding?

    So long as you are providing business or commercial services we should be able to help.  If we can’t provide fee funding it is likely one of our other cash flow services will be able to assist you.

    What happens if a client/borrower does not pay?

    This is rare, but unlike other fee funding providers we provide a personal and highly efficient follow up service to get the loan back on track.  In all cases your firm is kept informed and we will discuss options for collection or reversion of principal individually.

    Is there more chance a client will default if they do not pay upfront

    Actually, it is the opposite.  Clients are much more capable of paying a regular small fee than a large lump sum.  Some business clients are even scared off from buying when they see a lump sum charge.

    How much does fee funding cost

    Nothing to your business your customer will pay the credit fees which are tax deductible.

    Download our Fact Sheet

    ‘Nine reasons why more Professional Service Firms use smartAR Fee Funding than any other provider’

      Have other questions about smartAR Fee Funding?

      If you have any inquiries regarding smartAR Fee Funding simply give us a call or send us an email, our friendly team is always ready to help.