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Use this checklist to help you know if your Accounts Receivable person is working in “flow”.

“Flow” is often found doing a job you really enjoy.  Something that’s challenging but also achievable.  

You know you’re in flow when you’re busy, but it’s easy to find the time to do the flow task.  We allocate focused time and attention to tasks that are within our flow.   

The reward of working in flow, is the output is typically something you can be proud of.  You smash flow jobs. Time passes quickly doing them. 

Everybody can relate to reaching this flow state. It might be a recreational moment (e.g. I feel in flow when I’m fishing) or a work task (e.g. Quickly knocking out a key report within a tight timeframe.) 

The cool thing about flow tasks is they add to your energy levels rather than deplete it.

Sadly, very few people are in their flow state when they are managing debtors.

For many people they feel they have spent all day chasing slow payers, albeit they have only made four (4) calls. It just feels like all day. Time goes very slowly when you’re doing a job you don’t like.

To dramatically improve your Accounts Receivable performance, it makes sense to have folks doing a role that it fits their personal “flow”.

accounts receivable in flow

So, what goes into making a great accounts receivable person? Our checklist below will help you find a person who most likely will in their flow when performing this difficult role:

smartAR Accounts Receivable “Flow” Checklist

Down to earth: AR folks are always grounded. They are doers not dreamers, with no exceptions. smartAR Square Checkbox
Peaceful: Calm is better than chaotic when it comes to making AR calls.  smartAR Square Checkbox
Approachable: This is the X factor. Slow payers will return their calls and chat readily about problems paying, which is a prelude to finding solutions. smartAR Square Checkbox
Organized: With high volumes of work, you need a good system.  Notes of messages left and problems making payment need to be kept. smartAR Square Checkbox
Norm Follower: The best AR folks follow the rules, scripts and note-taking systems.  There is no time to keep re-inventing the wheel.  smartAR Square Checkbox
Imaginative: It’s true! AR folks have to think outside the box sometimes.  Payment plans and contact methods all vary.  smartAR Square Checkbox
Happy: Grumpy “bulldogs” sometimes get the AR job, but it doesn’t ever work out. The best AR people are always happy people. smartAR Square Checkbox
Curious: It’s curiosity that underpins their approachability. The best AR folks are genuinely interested in each slow payer’s individual circumstances. smartAR Square Checkbox
Energetic: AR is a fast-paced role. There are hundreds of calls to make each week. Your AR person needs to keep up or move on. smartAR Square Checkbox
Non-judgmental: This is reflected in their sincere empathy for the slow payer.  It’s best to believe a slow payers excuse rather than challenge them.  smartAR Square Checkbox
Humility: Ego will get in the way of great communication. Great AR people leave their egos at home when they go to work. smartAR Square Checkbox

This list of characteristics is based on 20+ years of employing team members and contractors to Accounts Receivable roles.   

You might be thinking it would be tough to get a person that ticks all the boxes? It is!  

So, if you employ one of these folks please treat them well. They are magicians, turning invoices into cash in the bank. They love their jobs and are very good at it.  

Good AR folks are a scarce commodity and should be a key part of your team. If you’re looking for a good AR person, consider reaching out to us for some guidance using the form below. We might be able to help you get somebody that actually loves the role.

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