smartAR Digital
Payment Page

Offer all your payment options in one place. Make it easy for your clients to pay you with a seamless payment experience by using a custom smartAR Payment Page.

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    smartAR Payment Page makes it easy for your clients to pay

    Do you offer your clients different ways to pay? Clients are more likely to pay faster when they have options.

    Good news, the online smartAR Payment Page allows businesses to offer different payment methods efficiently and securely.

    It’s a secure platform, accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Every way to pay!

    smartAR Online Payment Pages are fully customisable, you choose which payment options to offer. Direct credit, credit card, pay monthly and third party methods, it’s up to you.

    Brand your smartAR Payment Page with your company logo and colours so it fits seamlessly into your website. It’s also easily integrated into  invoices, statements and reminders so your clients can pay with a couple of clicks.

    smartAR Payment Page - displayed on several devices

    Every way to pay

    A smartAR Payment Page will help reduce paperwork in your business.
    Clients will be able to pay you 24/7.
    You choose which payment methods to offer.
    Brand your smartAR Payment Page using your logo and corporate colours.


    Who would use a smartAR Online Payment Page

    Any business providing products or services with credit terms should have a secure online page where clients can pay.

    How much does a smartAR Online Payment Page cost?

    Very little.  A fully branded and hosted payment page will cost about the same as a couple of coffees a week. This includes an unlimited number of payment methods.  Payment methods can be added (or removed) at any time at no extra charge.

    Why do businesses use a smartAR Online Payment Page?

    Presenting all your payment options in one place makes taking payment far more professional and efficient. Using a payment page ensures clients have a great payer experience. It’s also  while remaining totally secure and cost efficient is the main reason clients choose to host their branded online payment page with smartAR.

    Is the smartAR Payment Page secure?

    Yes. smartAR host your branded payment page. Remember if any payment options on your page are offered by third parties (eg Stripe/PayPal) their security protocols will apply once you move away from your hosted smartAR Payment Page.

    How does the smartAR Payment Page reporting work?

    Simply download payment reports and manage your payments from the easy to use online system.

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