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smartAR Payment Page

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A smartAR Payment page allows your business to offer all your payment options in one place. Make it easy for your clients to pay you with a seamless payment experience by using a custom smartAR Payment Page.

smartAR Payment Pages are powered by Payrix

smartAR Payment Page makes it easy for your clients to pay

Do you offer your clients different ways to pay? Clients are more likely to pay faster when they have options.

The smartAR Payment Page is an online payment solution that allows businesses to offer different payment methods efficiently and securely. It’s a highly secure digital platform that’s accessible 24/7 from any PC or mobile device.

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smartAR Online Payment Pages are fully customisable, you choose which payment options to offer. Direct credit, credit card, pay monthly and third party methods, it’s up to you. Your smartAR Payment Page will be branded with your company logo and the payment options you display are fully customisable. You can choose to offer direct debit, credit card, pay monthly and third-party methods, it’s completely up to you. Plug in your existing payment providers or use our payment partner Payrix and enjoy additional value and functionality.

Payment page responsive easy to use

Direct credit -

Set-up direct debits for your clients quickly and easily.

Credit card -

Enable your clients to pay by credit card securely.

Pay monthly -

Some clients prefer to pay monthly, and we've got this option covered for you.

Other Options -

Have your own BPAY PayPal or Cryptocurrency facility set-up? You can add them too. We work with your requirements to help you get paid on time.

Every way to pay

A smartAR Payment Page will help reduce paperwork in your business.
Clients will be able to pay you 24/7.
You choose which payment methods to offer.
Brand your smartAR Payment Page using your logo and corporate colours.

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Who would use a smartAR Payment Page

Any business providing products or services with credit terms should have a secure online payment platform where clients can pay.

How much does a smartAR Payment Page cost?

The smartAR Payment Page platform subscription is extremely great value and has no lock-in contracts.

Why would my business use a smartAR Payment Page?

Presenting all your payment options in one online platform makes paying your invoices easier for your clients, and for your business.

Is the smartAR Payment Page secure?

Yes. All payment processing options on the smartAR payment page platform, are provided by and connected to the merchant of your choice (i.e. Payrix). All payment processing providers are required to be compliant with standard security protocols and you should contact your payment provider for more details. If you chose to use our payment partner Payrix, you can review details of their security certification and protocols here.

What data is available with the smartAR Payment Page?

Admin Users have access to the interactive dashboard that displays details of integrated payment transactions with “drill down” and “sort” functionality.

Have other questions about smartAR Payment Page?

If you have any questions about the smartAR Payment Page, simply give us a call or send us an email, our friendly team is always ready to help.