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Pay by instalment with smartAR Fee Funding

Fee Funding is a service used by businesses to pay their professional services invoices by monthly instalment.  For many businesses, paying by instalment results in better cash flow management and growth opportunities. With smartAR Fee Funding, the professional service provider gets paid in full and upfront, while the client makes convenient instalment repayments to smartAR.

To apply for a new smartAR Fee Funding agreement click on the Fund my Bill button and complete the application form. If you need assistance or further information you can use the Book a call button.

Previously known as FeeLink and Fee Smart

How Fee Funding Works

smartAR Fee Funding allows you to pay your business invoices over time. Providing cash flow advantages for your business plus these benefits

smartAR Fee Funding Diagram
  • Flexibility
    Pay invoices of more than $500 over 3-18 month instalments with flexible payment options.
  • Confidential
    Your application is automatically processed with no credit checks and no financials required.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    The credit fee is a deductible business expense.
  • Simplicity
    Fast, stress free process.

Fund a Bill

To create a new smartAR Fee Funding agreement click on the button below and complete the application form. One of our team will then reply with instalment details.

Fund my Bill

Offer Fee Funding to Clients

If your business is interested in offering smartAR Fee Funding to your clients we would be happy to discuss your specific circumstances.

More Details

Still need Help?

If you have any questions regarding smartAR fee funding just give us a call or book in a time for more assistance.