smartAR Virtual Ledger Management

smartAR Virtual Ledger Management (VLM) is the fastest and most cost efficient manner by which any business offering credit can improve their cash flow, without financing debtors.

“I recommend smartAR managed ledger service because I know the job will be done well. Our staff are not chasing slow payers, and they bill out 3-4 times the cost of the service.”
– Tony Forlong KTS Chartered Accountants Ltd

Download our Fact Sheet 'The real reasons business outsource' to learn why outsourcing accounts receivable ledger management is the 'secret sauce' of the modern-day CFO/CEO to improve business cash flow.

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    Are you looking to improve your business cash flow?

    Business owners and managers are looking increasingly towards virtual specialists so they can cut internal costs and improve capacity issues. smartAR have been the Australasian specialists for managing accounts receivable since 2010.

    By using smartAR Virtual Ledger Management, clients can ensure they have a cost efficient, well documented and scalable accounts receivable process.

    smartAR’s dedicated account manager will look after the 'heavy lifting' associated with accounts receivable. We provide our clients with AR technology and reporting most businesses don't currently have (or use) within existing accounting or ERP systems.

    How Virtual Ledger Management works

    smartAR Outsourced Ledger Managment - how it works

    By adopting smartAR VLM in your business you will enjoy these key benefits:

    • Control: You remain in charge but we do the heavy lifting
    • Efficiency: Lower cost using cloud based work flow
    • Security: All payments go directly to you
    • Certainty: A single weekly fee with no surprises
    • Commitment: No staff excuses – just results from your dedicated account manager

    Download our fact sheet “The real reasons business outsource” to learn why outsourcing accounts receivable ledger management is the ‘secret sauce’ of the modern day CFO/CEO to improve business cash flow.

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      What businesses use Virtual Ledger Management?

      Any business offering credit should consider an VLM solution.  There are generally three types of VLM clients:

      1. Larger businesses wanting to reduce collection costs;
      2. Growth businesses that are strategically outsourcing non-core functions;
      3. Any business looking to reduce slow payers and access the cash tied up in debtors.

      Our existing clients span many industries: accounting and legal firms, importers, manufacturers, distributors, Managed Services Providers, Recruitment and ASX/NZX listed businesses.

      How much does outsourcing AR cost?

      Once we understand your existing AR process, we will suggest a range of best practice improvements. You can then choose to design a better, more cost efficient and scalable solution to fit your circumstances.

      Individual client pricing will depend on the size and complexity of your bespoke solution. There is no charge for our initial improvement suggestions.  If you choose to proceed agreements will typically have a small on-boarding fee ($500 to $3,000) and then an ongoing weekly fee.

      What reporting do I get?

      Our virtual solutions always integrate with your existing accounting solution provider.  We try to not duplicate existing accounting reporting so instead produce daily, weekly & monthly updates based upon specific account receivable metrics.  Eg Telephone Calls Made, SMS sent, Outstanding actions etc.

      Who follows up the slow payers?

      Almost all our virtual ledger management clients elect to have a dedicated account manager who will drive the follow up with your debtors.  This person comes to know both your business and your clients very well. Consider them a remote part of your operations or administration team.  Our ledger managers are all located in Australia or New Zealand.

      Have other questions about Virtual Ledger Management?

      If you have any inquiries regarding smartAR Virtual Ledger Management simply give us a call or send us an email, our friendly team is always ready to help.