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Case Study: Advisory Accountancy +MORE. Working with smartAR since 2015.

The +MORE team makes a point of creating successful business owners. With its business advisory and accountancy services, the small and medium business clients they service in Auckland, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Hawke’s Bay and the Wairarapa benefit from the team’s wealth of knowledge. 

+MORE helps their clients with planning, forecasting, and coaching with great tools and strong partner connections. They offer practical business advice and support to their clients.  

No matter which office you visit, the +MORE team delivers a consistent level of service and advisory. Right down to offering their clients flexible payment options.

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With their focus on practical business advice, the +MORE Directors identified back in 2015 that some of their clients needed more support to pay their accountancy & advisory bills. With oversight of a client’s financials and forecasts, it’s easy for an advisory & accountancy firm to spot who may need payment assistance. The +MORE team have noticed that some of their clients find it really helpful to be able to spread their costs, especially in a post Covid-19 environment. 

When looking for a fee funding service, smartAR stood out amongst its competitors with its solid reputation. Since 2015, the +MORE team has a great relationship with smartAR, at a director level, and account management level. In fact, +MORE recommends the fee funding service to their clients, as it’s worked so well for them over the years.

Team | smartAR

“smartAR is a great solution for our clients. Fee funding offers flexible loans that are easy to set up and regular monthly payments which assist our client’s cash flow. We receive payment in full after the first instalment is paid creating a win-win situation.”

Michelle Stirrup, Business Support Manager


In addition to the obvious wins, such as getting paid up front, rather than waiting for drip feed payments over 12 months, +MORE have found fee funding invaluable for their own forecasting too. Knowing with certainty when bills will be paid has really made a difference to their firm’s cash flow.

+MORE will sometimes offer interest-free fee funding to selected clients – at the end of the day, being able to offer clients more flexibility, means more certainty around payments.

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Improved cash flow and forecasting

More payment flexibility for clients

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