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Protecting against COVID-19

I’m reaching out to all clients that currently use smartAR (feeSmart or feeLink) professional fee funding service.

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts businesses worldwide, we want to share three useful messages with you that would help get you through times of uncertainty.

1. Talk with Your Professional Advisors (Accountants/Lawyers etc.)
COVID-19 is a crisis for several sectors (Tourism, Hospitality etc.). These sectors are receiving massive amounts of targeted support from Governments.  Most other sectors have resilient supply chains and demand still exists for their goods or services. Your financial advisors are among this latter group. They know from experience that business and cash flow will continue – though probably not exactly “as usual” for an unknown period. During this time, we urge you to stay in touch with your professional advisors.  Many have been in contact with us to advise they have practical (and free) resources you can access.  They stand ready, willing and able to help you.

2. Unexpected or Overdue Fees
For nearly 14 years smartAR has helped businesses through day-to-day cash flow management and multiple catastrophic events: e.g. Global Financial Crisis, Earthquakes, SARS, Bush Fires, Regional crisis etc.

Rest assured, in conjunction with your professional advisers, we can fund most unplanned professional fees that may arise. Sure – there may be some instances this is not possible; however, we have strong wholesale funding, a flexible attitude and a seamless application process, so… we are well positioned to help.

If you require professional advice but would like (or need) to spread any fees over a few months to preserve your cash flow, please talk with your advisor or contact us directly.

3. Don’t forget to…
You have probably seen some fear and panic in the last couple of days.This is natural but also saddening. It’s much better to be tuned into official news sources, find some humor and remember to breathe.

My team has also rejoiced in seeing some of lovely stories of kindness and leadership in our communities.

We know business is tough right now. Remember, you’ve probably experienced tough times before and know this too shall pass.

Best wishes at this time – stay strong.