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Fee Funding is a simple way to help your clients pay you monthly.

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Providing easy monthly payment options for your business clients while you get paid in full, up front.

Fed up chasing slow payers?

Our clients tell us they spend too much time and energy in their businesses following up slow paying clients. Business owners say some of their clients may have insufficient cash flow to pay all their invoice in one lump sum, or they have enough cash flow to pay all of the invoice but prefer to spread the cost.

smartAR understands the effects of slow payers on businesses.

It doesn’t take many clients to pay slowly for the money to add up. This money should be in your businesses bank account, not in your clients.

Fee funding helps both businesses and their clients. Clients can spread the cost of their bill over several payments and the service provider knows they will be paid.

Offer smartAR fee funding to your clients and your business will have better cash flow.

You deserve to be paid on time, every time
smartAR fee funding is a simple way to give your clients the option to pay you monthly. You agree with them which term they’d prefer – three, six, nine or 12 months. Your business is paid up front.


What is smartAR fee funding?
Fee funding is a monthly payment option for professional services firms. This means business clients can choose to pay their bill over three, six nine or 12 months.

How much does smartAR fee funding cost?
There is no cost to the business. The small credit fee is payable by the client, which is a deductible business expense.

Why do businesses choose smartAR fee funding?
We often see businesses experience a reduction in their overdue debtors, as paying monthly makes it much easier for their clients to pay. For clients it helps them avoid being an overdue debtor with their professional advisers. We find it helps professional advisers have conversations with their clients about payment up front. The small credit charge is a deductible expense to your business.

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Client Feedback

Tony ForlongKTS Chartered Accountants Ltd

I recommend smartAR managed ledger service because I know the job will be done well. Our staff are not chasing slow payers, and they bill out 3-4 times the cost of the service.

Bob BeathTwomeys Pty Ltd (Cootamundra)

I recommend smartAR Fee Funding. It’s very easy to implement and provides better cash flow for our firm. We get paid quicker and our clients love the pay monthly option.

Neville MiddletonMiddleton Accountants

smartAR Fee Funding only takes a few minutes to organise and we get paid within three days. It costs us nothing to offer, plus some clients prefer paying by instalment.

Darren KnightM & H 2015 Ltd

What I like about using smartAR is that someone else is taking care of the problem of slow payers. We also have total control as to how we use the service.

Krystine Canny-SmithSj Canny Pty Ltd T/A Canny Accounting

I recommend the smartAR Fee Funding service to other professional service providers because it is a very professional service, the customer service is excellent, and payments are processed quickly.

Suzie OakesArgyle Professionals Pty Ltd

Our clients love the options of being able to pay monthly. Fee funding is fast, easy and simple to use and it has produced better cash flow for our firm.

Linda CornacchiaAdvivo

smartAR Fee Funding has reduced our debtor days and slow payers. It’s an easy bridge for clients wanting to a convenient way to pay and firms wanting to get paid now.

Kirsten HawkBusiness Buddy Chartered Accountants

By using smartAR we have a dedicated team on call to follow up slow payers at a fraction of the cost of having our own staff do the same.

Kris BaxterSkipper Lay & Associates Ltd

By using smartAR ledger management we have reduced aging debtors. I recommend smartAR to other professional services firms as it frees up our staff’s time to do other important things in our business.

Grant WitherfordBay Accounting & Taxation

I recommend smartAR managed ledger and fee funding services because it protects my business from the pain of other people’s financial situation. Their convenient monthly payment option is great for cash flow.

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